What On Earth Does This Switch Do?


Three years ago, a well-known educational establishment purchased a lighting control solution for their multifunctional hall.

The whole system, touchscreens and light switches, were all chosen by and configured for one of their senior technicians. Unfortunately, less than a year later, he left the organisation.

For almost two years, they had no idea how their lighting system worked and, unfortunately, there were no manuals from the original supplier to assist.

They eventually rang the equipment manufacturer, who recommended that they should invite Control Lighting Ltd to come in and help. As their multifunctional hall was in constant use for education purposes, we weren’t able to access the hall until a Friday evening and the following Sunday night.

We stepped through every stage and documented exactly what each switch, programme, scene, and button etc currently does AND why this could be useful to the educational establishment. We then showed the client all the various options and helped him decide which ones were most useful. We then reprogramed the solution to give them enough different lighting options but made them accessible in a far more intuitive way.

Needless to say, we then documented their new solution and delivered a full set of bespoke manuals!