Interactive Lighting – Who Is In Control?


We have noticed a shift in both public realm and commercial projects. Originally, designers created beautiful lighting projects and specified specific lighting colours and sequences as part of their design concept. More recently, however, we have seen a shift with the public becoming involved in a more interactive way. Done well, this can deliver a better user experience.

In particular, we have been involved in two recent examples.

In our first example, senior managers using their entry swipe cards trigger a personal greeting on arrival displayed on the light art installation located in the Reception atrium!

Our second example involves movement sensors. For example, when a person enters a town square, this triggers a floor lighting effect that appears to send “ripples” of light across the whole square. At the same time, as each person exits a shop entrance surrounding the square, they will trigger other ripples across the flooring lighting. Some of the public will spot that they are inadvertently causing these effects and this will add to their enjoyment.