Our Approach: Design and Consultancy

Control Lighting adopts a structured and disciplined approach to every project they undertake. Based on the individual requirements of each project, the majority of the following stages, if not all, will apply:


Control Lighting’s Project Director Ray Dolby, and his team, conduct a detailed assessment with the client to ascertain the essential requirements of the project.
Once the initial consultative stage has been concluded, an outline proposal document is produced detailing specific equipment types, with corresponding performance specifications. This document will also include a schematic layout of the system and a budget summary.

Client Feedback

The outline proposal document will be presented to the client for comment and approval.

Cross Discipline Co-ordination and Initial Drawings

The revised outline proposal will then be discussed alongside other disciplines and co-ordinated to produce a non-conflicting set of drawings to include:

  • the location of all equipment
  • relative space required

The drawings will be co-ordinated with other specialist trades to ensure that all services are compatible.
Health and Safety documentation will then be submitted to the planning supervisor.

Tender Issue

The approved package will then be produced as a control system ‘scope of works’ document, and issued to potential contractors for tender. Control Lighting can if required assist in the appointment process of a suitable contractor.

Site Supervision

During the construction period, co-ordinated meetings are attended onsite between the design team and the specialist contractor to ensure the project is on schedule and adheres completely to the original design brief.

Control System Commissioning

Commissioning involves an intensive test of the system’s designed functionality and compatibility with all fixtures, fittings, and components. This ensures the system meets both the original specification and the client’s approval.

Control System Programming

This involves the complete programming, configuration, and testing of the installed lighting control system.

Supply of Operation and Maintenance Manuals

As every installation is unique to the client’s requirements, Control Lighting offer customised operation and maintenance manuals to keep your lighting control system running smoothly.