Solutions Not Products


Given the prevailing economic climate and the drive to deliver sales targets, in some cases detailed control product knowledge may be moved to one side to “get the sales order”.

Knowledge can also walk out of the door when sales people move to pastures new and this very problem occurred at a North London home.

Control Lighting Ltd were brought in to solve the final implementation of the lighting control solution, as the lighting control products, that were supplied by others, were not fulfilling the control requirements requested by the client.

For example, one of the requirements was a one button black-out switch by the front door. This was not possible with the control products originally supplied. By revisiting the documentation and then asking the client the right questions, we were able to get the solution back on track and achieve the client’s design intent.

The client is now happy, the lighting products supplier is now happy, and we were delighted to have been able to help both parties.