Enhancing The Retail Experience

Enhancing the retail expereince

Our first story for this month’s newsletter concerns a large retail establishment in Mayfair. The client was looking for a more efficient and customer-friendly way of speeding up customer payments without appearing to rush them or detracting from their shopping experience.

A great solution involved using controlled lighting on each of their 20 cash till payment points.

As a cashier finishes their transaction with their previous customer, a coloured light is triggered above their till and white floor lights then guide the next customer directly to that free till. As the customer approaches, movement sensors detect their presence and the till and floor lights fade out gracefully. Whilst these transitions are currently automatically triggered, the client may choose to override these and each cashier also has a button that they can press to initiate the new transaction transitions if preferred.

There are also colour changing options. For example, the client is able to choose a green tone for St Patrick’s Day and a different lighting scheme for Christmas to blend in with their decoration scheme.

Our client is really pleased as this unique scheme has provided a talking point amongst the shoppers and has increased the number of payment transactions on busier days.