Lighting A Well-Known Visitor Attraction


We are delighted to have been brought in by our partners to upgrade the lighting control system for a world-famous key exhibit at a well-known international visitor attraction. Very quickly, the project turned into a review of the whole visitor experience and how the considerable recent advances in technology could now lead to some dramatic artistic changes AND also long term cost savings.

We looked at the whole experience; from approaching the venue from outside to the arrival of each visitor and their natural paths through the individual galleries, restaurant, loos, shop and exit.

As well as concentrating on the main attraction, we upgraded the feature lighting control for various associated artefacts and the interactive exhibits.

We worked very closely with the lighting designer and specialist electrical contractor on the lighting control to ensure we achieved their new vision. This project was definitely a “double win” in everyone’s eyes – the latest technology now makes the more exciting enhancements financially feasible and, by switching to more modern LEDs, the ongoing running costs of the project will also dramatically decrease over