Knowledge Is Power!


Regular readers of our case studies will notice that more and more of our clients are taking advantage of our remote monitoring and online reporting services. However, there is another key service that we offer that perhaps we have not promoted quite as much. This is the ability of our solutions to monitor how much power/electricity is being used by your lighting.

This is useful in two ways. Firstly, in a similar way to a domestic smart meter, you can report exactly how much electricity has been used by specific parts of the system or indeed by the system as a whole. Secondly, you can use the software to create a pretty accurate forecast of your future power requirements – based on lamp wattage and usage etc.

This forecasting process is extremely useful when planning a new lighting control solution. In fact, we have many examples where we have shown how upgrading the lighting control solution will actually save more money than it costs! We help clients reduce their power consumption through clever use of new technology – from movement and timed sensors to LEDs and low wattage solutions and various other power saving techniques.