The Ashford Walkway


We were asked to provide a lighting solution to enhance the riverside walkway between Ashford International Railway Station and the new Stour Centre Leisure Centre.

We designed and provided the new exterior luminaires which were fixed onto seven new street lighting columns. A total of 28 LED exterior luminaires were installed providing high brightness, changing colour, directional light, and these are waterproof and vandal proof.

The new LED luminaires were focused on the walkway to provide 28 defined pools of coloured light. Using the latest in wireless technology to remotely control these luminaires, Control Lighting Ltd installed the custom control system in the adjacent Stour Centre Leisure Centre.

The design of the new lighting scheme utilized energy efficient light sources – LEDs which have an estimated average life of 100,000 hours. The custom control system incorporated automatic timeclock facilities to allow the luminaires to switch on before sunset and switch off at sunrise, therefore avoiding wastage and the electricity running costs have been reduced to only 47 pence per day for the complete installation!

The colour pallet was chosen to be sensitive to the surrounding foliage and river and the particular seasons. The colour sequences ripple onto the walkway starting from one end to the other; through 3 defined groups of colours, cyan to green shades, orange to yellow tones and blue to purple hues – and they follow an individual as they walk along the pathway. This has made the walkway a much talked about and safer environment for the local community.