Lighting Split Rooms


We have an interesting project coming up over the summer for a top London investment bank. We have been asked to provide the lighting control for one of their major function rooms that will be able to split into two rooms. They will be able to control the lighting in the two rooms separately or, when the rooms are combined back into the one room, the lighting will behave as if there is only one room.

We are very experienced in this area, having worked on these types of room split projects many times before. What is interesting about this particular project is the level of integration required.

We will be working with both DALI and DMX solutions and will be integrating with their current theatre lighting desk. There is also an Audio/Video interface and we will, of course, be using wall-mounted control plates and portable touchscreens. We will also be providing offsite fault monitoring and reporting so we can spot any potential problems before any of their staff or clients would even know that there might be an issue. As ever, prevention is usually more cost-effective than a cure.